There are two types of training that are considered absolutely necessary for CEDs to enable them to mature into happy, well-adjusted animals, which are a pleasure to be around.

The first and absolutely the most important is socialization.  This begins as soon as the puppy is able to get up and play with its siblings.  After the puppy receives its' vaccinations it should be introduced to all kinds of sounds, people, and places.

The second type is obedience training.  CEDs are similar to wolves in the fact that their nature is to be part of a pack in which there is a hierarchy.  Families in which there is only dog will still be considered a pack, the pack being the human counterparts.  The humans must become the "alpha" dogs of the pack, showing the dog what is and is not acceptable behaviour.  A dog that is not necessarily dominant in nature will assume the leadership position if the humans do not so that it can maintain some sort of order.  This will result in an unruly, uncontrollable animal.  Positive re-enforcement and encouragement are the preferred training methods for training this type of canine as it builds trust between the dog and the owner - something very important to the CED.