One of the first considerations is the type of domain needed to properly accommodate a CED.  Kennel runs, complete with a well-ventilated doghouse and / or some other form of shading and protection from the elements would be adequate, if the dog is to remain outdoors.  Many owners add straw to the sleeping area during the winter season for additional warmth.  For the dog that is allowed into the house, it is suggested that a crate be available for him to sleep in, as their natural instinct is to find a den or cave-like structure for shelter, and it will also keep him out of trouble while the owner is away.

Chaining is an alternative solution, but not necessarily recommended as each chain link must be inspected and replaced regularly to ensure that breakage does not occur. A large "running yard" should also be available, even if the dog is confined in a kennel because of their high energy level and their need to run and play.  A chain link fence, at least six feet in height is a minimum requirement as these dogs have extremely powerful legs and are capable of jumping over anything less than this.  The fence should also be buried into the ground (or a sub fence placed into the ground first) slightly to prevent escape.

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